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Fitness Home Program

This program is developed from the information we learn from you and your questionnaire forms, tailored based on your fitness level and objectives.  Our goal is to provide a program that takes into consideration your lifestyle and habits that best suits you to meet and exceed your goals.

Nutritional Goal Setting will help you to understand your eating habits. 

You will have some forms to fill out where we make attainable weekly goals towards better eating habits.  We will offer suggestions each week based on how you do. We want to help you find balance and stay on track with proper nutrition.  Our goal is to create a lifestyle of healthy eating habits, not a fad diet that ends and then you return to your old ways and gain all the weight back plus some.

You will receive a 2 Week Meal Plan with 42 innovative healthy recipes plus an additional 7 healthy desert recipes!

In addition to 14 breakfast, lunch, dinner & 7 dessert ideas you some really great information to apply to your diet and eating habits. And yes there are some amazing desserts to be tried in here!

* Managing stress for better digestion tips
* Why eat the rainbow?
* Quick colourful snack ideas
* Gut healing foods, magnesium rich foods, metabolism boosters
* Eating tips for weight loss
* What does a healthy diet look like?
* Quality is key
* Infused water
* Salad dressing amped up
* Holy grail of snacks

* Superfood index for meal plans

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