Frequently Asked Questions.

Curious to what goes on in a Mommy & Me class?

Classes are both indoors and out. Indoors from November to March, and outdoors from April to October.
During the outdoor months they may still be some indoor classes on the schedule.

What do I do with my baby?
Babies in carriers, in strollers, in car seats, on mats, toddlers running around & playing with each other.  Some are breastfeeding, some are getting diapers changed, some are happy, some are crying, some are sleeping. Moms help each other and are great support through the classes. We have had it all happen!

What is a postnatal class? Why are they all not postnatal classes?
Postnatal we work on educating and focusing on the areas that are affected from carrying a child.  We work on kegels, focusing on pelvic floor health; we work on rebuilding the core from the inside out starting with Transverse Abdomonis. Which exercises to avoid & how to ease into fitness after baby is born.  We have all different fitness levels so my focus is to keep the classes baby & child friendly with options for all moms.  It is recommended to do at least 1 postnatal class prior to coming to the others.  The classes will be marked in the description the type of class it is.

What do I need to bring?
Depends on the class, check with the instructor if you are unsure.  Almost every class requires a yoga mat, Barre requires a Bender ball.  Make sure you have water, good sneakers and sports bra and food for your toddler or baby. Outdoors you will need a stroller for some of the classes, or baby carriers for others.

Why are classes only 45min long?
This seems like the perfect amount of time to keep baby happy.  We usually find around 40-45min babies will start to get fussy.


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