$5 20min High Intensity Workout at Knox Mountain-Every Friday at 12:30

Got an excuse not to work out?  I have it covered. Can’t afford it? Its $5. Don’t want a membership? No commitment. Work Full Time? Come on your lunch. Have Kids? Bring Them. Don’t have time?  It is 20 MINUTES!! Did I miss anything? Email to pre register.  Start date June 6- Every Friday Until […]

Bridal Bootcamp Personal Training

  Wedding season is here! Great bridal personal training bootcamp packages to get those last few pounds off and tone up so you feel sexy for you big day. Save $144 with package 1, $128 with package 2 and $96 with package 3. Training program is geared towards your personal fitness goals. Toning, losing weight, […]

Frosty Banana Chia Pops

Frosty banana chia pops2

Crunch, crunch, nomnom, another please.  This will be your gut reaction to these tasty little banana pops.  Although, if you dislike bananas, then we may have a problem on our hands.  In fact, I’m not so sure if we’ll even be able to be friends if that’s the case….seriously.  Ha gotcha!  I would never do […]

2nd Trimester Stretch

  Squatting Mama To Get Into Position: Start by standing with your feet wide apart, toes slightly open to help the knees. Bend at the knees until your tailbone is a few inches off the ground. Stretch: Use your elbows on the inside of your legs to gently open them to feel the stretch. If this is […]

Becoming a Fitness Fertility Specialist

People would describe me as kind, compassionate & nurturing; which are all qualities needed to be able to provide the emotional support to someone struggling with fertility. I struggled through my own fertility journey and experienced all emotions during the years and miscarriages later it took for my beautiful boy to finally arrive.  I felt alone, […]