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The Body Connection Concept…

My vision when I started Body Connection Fitness was to focus on personal training with women, but soon after the business was underway I became pregnant with my first and only child.  Instantly, I was wanting to know what was and wasn’t safe during pregnancy so I enrolled myself into a prenatal/postnatal course and started my journey.  After I finished and became a certified prenatal/postnatal fitness specialist I decided I wanted to offer something that I couldn’t find here in Kelowna and that was a class where the moms could workout with their babies alongside!

First class taught was Strollerfit which is still offered in our outdoor months.  From there I grew quickly as the word spread what I was doing.  Then I started offering at home personal training so new moms could still be next to baby and learn the safe way to exercise after baby is born.  This is my passion, I love what I do.  Working with women only as I understand their bodies.

“My goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage people that are looking to become physically fit.”

Jessica Levy ~ Founder of Body Connection Fitness

Jessica has a keen passion for living an active and healthy lifestyle. So much so, that becoming a personal fitness instructor was an obvious calling. Her ability to inspire is brought on from her nurturing personality and unmatched enthusiasm for personal fitness. Jessica will guide you to a fitness routine that not only works for your lifestyle, but will help you achieve the results you seek in a faster more efficient time frame.

Looking for some advice & a fitness program for how to get that body back after baby is born, or how to rebuild core strength & pelvic floor? Jessica offers at home personal training sessions that are tailored to your fitness goals and will help you shed that baby weight and regain muscle tone. She can also help you stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy! Contact Jessica today to set up your first online consultation.


  • Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist
  • BCRPA Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor
  • Spin Instructor
  • BCRPA Weight Trainer
  • First Aid

Our Team

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Mandy Mitchell-Instructor

Mandy Mitchell is a positively motivational gal ready to help you meet your health and fitness goals. She is a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader and Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist. Mandy has spent the last three years running the Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness franchise in Coquitlam, BC. She saw it grow and flourish, providing top quality prenatal fitness and baby friendly fitness classes to many moms in her community. Pregnancy and child birth are such a journey for any women, and Mandy has developed a huge passion in sharing her knowledge of how to keep our bodies comfortable as they change and recover. After relocating to the Okanagan, and the arrival of her third baby, Mandy is thrilled to have found an avenue to help her continue in her preferred line of work. You will find she is very approachable and loves to help!


Rita le Roux-Instructor

Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader

Rita has a passion for discovering what motivates people, and what gets them active in their daily life. Her motto? Exercise is the best medicine.

She is mom to a very active three year old, and loves post-natal fitness! She believes that every mom can overcome the physical challenges of new motherhood and postnatal recovery, but, more importantly, learning to cherish and love your new body!

Rita graduated from the University of British Columbia, here in the Okanagan, with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She is also a CFES certified Personal Trainer, and experienced in teaching classes, working one on one with moms, as well as rehabilitation for people with injuries. She would love to help you get on track with being the happiest you!





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