Pumpkin Spiced Soaked Oats


This could be described as ‘Fall’ in a cup and was so scrumptious that I really did want to savior each and every bite to make it last longer. BUT… instead I gobbled it down because it was almost impossible to eat it slow because it was soooo good!

First off it looks amazing so it was an easy pick for me to buy. Secondly, the word ‘Pumpkin’ caught my attention because I am a huge fan of anything that taste like pumpkin. So sweet and delish. Excited to try my first bite my eyes I think probably lit up after the spoon left my lips. There was another customer in Glow purchasing one of their cold pressed juices and I started raving to her how amazing this Pumpkin Spiced Soaked Oats was. In fact I think I went on about how amazing it was after each mouthful.

If you like things sweet, nutty, so full of nummyness flavor then you will just love this. You can find GLOW JUICERY behind the landmark buildings in Kelowna, 1880 Dayton st.