Becoming a Fitness Fertility Specialist

People would describe me as kind, compassionate & nurturing; which are all qualities needed to be able to provide the emotional support to someone struggling with fertility. I struggled through my own fertility journey and experienced all emotions during the years and miscarriages later it took for my beautiful boy to finally arriveI felt alone, desperate, depressed, and inadequate. I was a women and we are made to reproduce; when I couldn’t, I felt like a failure.  All I wanted was someone to listen and say sorry and give me a hug.  The common things I would hear were “its gods plan, maybe the baby wasn’t healthy, next time, it will happen when it is meant to happen.”

Having gone through my own experience makes it so easy for me to empathize with women’s struggle to conceive.  I want to help these women during this difficult time with support and guidance to make the process easier and less stressful.  What I have learned is that I can educate them on their cycle and how to manage their stress.  Give them some exercises to help increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. Incorporate yoga, meditation and relaxing techniques. Provide information on foods to avoid that may cause inflammation, and let them be aware of the benefits to being healthy, fit and eating properly.

When I hear the word infertility I hear fear, unknown, stress, depression & unanswered questions. Why me? Why now? How come? Will this change? No women that wants a child so bad likes to hear this word.  This journey is short for some women and years for others.  Once they have finally conceived then they fear the word miscarriage.  I remember waiting and waiting and crossing off the days until I hit the 2nd trimester. Words that come to mind prior to a miscarriage are anxiety, fear & hope.  Words once a women has experienced a miscarriage are loss of a loved one, what did I do wrong, sorrow, grief, piece of me missing, unanswered questions, why, depression.  This is such a difficult time and everyone grieves differently and at their own pace.  Best thing to do is listen, comfort, and offer support however you can for them.  Only time will heal, but you can be there for them during the process.

Natural conception is such a beautiful thing when it happens. Sharing intimacy with someone is wonderful, especially more so when you are trying to make a baby.  This in the beginning of the journey is such a joyous experience being both exciting & intimate.  The process to becoming pregnant can often start to feel like a chore when time passes and things are not going as we planned.  I remember this all too well.  Best advice I received was someone telling me to focus on reconnecting with my partner and to make it about love making not just receiving a deposit.  Although, this didn’t always work sometimes it really helped.

I hope my thoughts, insights, and beliefs come across and show the type of person I am.  I am excited to start working with clients that struggle with fertility issues. My journey now feels rewarding knowing that I can help one women at a time.


Jessica Levy,


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