At Home, Outdoor or Studio Personal Training

Personal Training

Indoor & Outdoor, Home or Gym Personal Training

Reach your fitness goals 80% quicker having a trainer by your side to guide you, motivate you and help you achieve your desired results.

You will receive; goal sheets, program design, personal instruction, evaluation & feedback, nutrition advice, guidance & motivation, workout tracker sheets & fitness handouts.

As your trainer & coach I will be; answering your questions, keeping you motivated, boosting your energy, building your confidence, keeping you on track, teaching you proper, technique, fitting your workout into your daily schedule.

Thai Yoga Stretch

Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy

Thai Yoga Stretch now offered during personal training sessions.
Thai Therapy is an ancient healing practice that incorporates assisted stretching, facilitated yoga postures & acupressure.

Benefits include; inducing relaxation, relieving muscular tension, increasing mobility & flexibility.

Group Personal Training

Kelowna Group Fitness Training

Have access to a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.  You will be pushed much harder then a group fitness class with the focus more on what your fitness goals are. Babies & children are allowed to join alongside of mom. Please bring a yoga mat. Rain or shine. Inquire for available times & rates.
You will receive the same planning, guidance and motivation as personal training session. However, time is divided amongst other members.

Prenatal Personal Training

Learn the benefits of Prenatal Personal Training

It is so important to stay fit and workout during your entire pregnancy.  Jessica will provide information on how to exercise safely, and plan your program accordingly.

Risks of NOT participating in exercise activities during pregnancy may include;

  • Loss of muscular & cardiovascular fitness
  • Excessive maternal weight gain
  • Higher risk of gestational diabetes or pregnancy induced hypertension
  • Development of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis
  • Poor psychological adjustment to the physical changes of pregnancy
  • Poor posture & increased back pain
  • Lower self esteem

 Postnatal Personal Training

Kelowna Postnatal Personal Training

Many new mothers will experience a condition known as Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).  Jessica will help to repair this condition thru her training program, offer advice, and be supportive thru the process. As your fitness leader, role model, teacher and supporter Jessica will be there for you every step of the way.


  • Answering Your Questions
  • Keeping You Motivated
  • Boosting Your Energy
  • Building Your Confidence
  • Keeping You On Track
  • Teaching You Proper Technique
  • Fitting Your Workout Into Your New Mama Schedule



Initial Consultation includes fitness assessment & planning based from 4 health questionnaire forms, program design & workout. An initial consultation must be purchased in addition to any training sessions or packages.
Partner Training available for $15 added on to the hourly rate. Financing available for Packages at a fee of $25.

Personal Training

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